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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Remove Blogger Navbar

Let's review a topic about how to remove blogger navigation bar.

How to do ?

1. Go to Dashboard, click Design, click Edit HTML

2. Find code of HTML below :


You can use (Ctrl+F) to find easily

3. Right-Before ]]></b:skin> place code of HTML below :

#navbar {display:none;}

4. The result is :

#navbar {display:none;}

5. Click Save Template and you've already Removed Blogger Navigation Bar.

Next, Since navigation bar have already removed, you can modify your blog in order to keep it easy to be edited. For example : when you want to edit template, when you want to create posts, etc.

Here is what I've done :

1. Go to Dashboard, Click Design, click Add a Gadget

2. Click HTML/JavaScript

3. Place code of HTML below :

<a href="">Blog Admin</a>


You have to change it with your blog ID.

How to know your blog ID ? ...

Click Dashboard - right click in Design - Properties - copy blog address in Element Properties

b. Blog Admin

You can change it as you like. Ex. : admin of blog, etc.

4. Click Save and done.

Your blog now is still easy to be edited without navigation bar.

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