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Monday, July 19, 2010

Google Pagerank Prediction Tool - Future PR

Let's review a topic about google pagerank prediction. As we know, google pagerank is a ranking system that provided by google to a blog.

How does google calculate pagerank of a blog ?

Google pagerank based on complicated algorithm calculation that involving many variables such as :
  1. Total number of backlink pointing to a blog
  2. Pagerank of a blog providing backlink
  3. Age of a blog
  4. Backlink type : reciprocal, oneway, triangle link, etc.

Google pagerank determines how important a blog is in the eye of google. It is suggested to increase an importance of a blog to achieve higher google pagerank.

Do you want to know your google pagerank in future, click below :

Tools to Predict Google Pagerank
  • Type your website URL
  • Type image verification

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