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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips To Get Backlink : Chapter I

Let's review a topic about tips to get backlink : chapter I. Backlink is very important for a blog improvement. Without backlink, a blog is definetely nothing.

Tips to get backlink are :

1. Get backlink as much as you can do.

2. Get backlink from a site that have high google pagerank that is possible to do 'anchor-text' on it. There is no improvement to get backlink from PR 0 site.

3. Trying to get backlink from Edu or Gov site, cause usually Edu or Gov site has a high google pagerank.

4. To get backlink from Edu or Gov site is very easy. You can do a search in google search engine, below :

a) To get backlink from Edu site type command :

b) To get backlink from Gov site type command :

5. To check its google pagerank, you can do a check in site.

6. Commenting on a blog or site that Dofollow. To know about dofollow, click here.

7. Do not do spammy comment, cause it would be deleted, would not be published.

8. Trying to get backlink with an Anchor Text.

Example of anchor text :

<a href="">hubuhs</a>

9. You can check your backlink, anytime in backlinkwatch site.

10. Always be patient in getting backlink.

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