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Sunday, February 25, 2018

All about Gudeg a Delicious Food in Jogja

Gudeg Yogya

Yogyakarta or jogja, one of cities in Indonesia, a city which is popular with gudeg food (javanese spelling: gudheg). It is easy to meet gudeg sellers in jogja since morning until late at night. Gudeg can be consumed as daily meals. Gudeg can also be consumed as food gift for relatives and friends.

Gudeg is a food which is consumed in jogja since a long time ago. Gudeg which is often looked at around is made from unripe jackfruit (known as gori). Distinction by cooking methods, gudeg is known to be gudeg basah and gudeg kering. Gudeg basah is unripe jackfruit which is cooked untill the boiling process (it is watery). While, gudeg kering is unripe jackfruit which is cooked not only untill boiling process but also untill sauteing process (it is dry).

Consuming gudeg with coconut milk sauce (known as areh) is delicious. Since it has savory sweet taste, gudeg becomes everyone favorite food not only for the adults but also for children. Gudeg is seen brownish due to teak leaf ingredient in cooking process. Besides a savory sweet taste, there is also gudeg which is cooked for having savory salty taste. 

In serving of gudeg dish, other Indonesian food such as tahu bacem (boiled tofu), tempe bacem (boiled tempeh), telur pindang (hard boiled egg), opor ayam (braised chicken) and sambel krecek (sambal made from cow / buffalo skin cracker) can also be added as combination.

Distinction by cooking bases, gudeg known as follows :
- Gudeg gori is made from unripe jackfruit (known as gori)
- Gudeg rebung is made from unripe bamboo shoot (known as rebung)
- Gudeg manggar is made from unripe coconut tree flower (known as manggar)

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