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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hiking Mount Prau Indonesia is Healthy and Fun

Mount Prau Wonosobo

Hiking a mount can makes people healthy. Enjoying mountain views also feels so fun. Hikers prepares all things which are needed to do mountain hike such as foods, waters, clothes, tools and medicines. Hiking mountain can only be allowed after hikers already do a well preparations. Moreover, hikers are able to maintain it to always be clean and beautiful.

Mount Prau is favorite tourist destination which is located in Central Java, Indonesia. Standing steadily on Dieng Plateau, Mount Prau summit is on 2565 metres above sea level.

Making trip to Mount Prau, tourist has to come to Wonosobo, with full address is in Dieng, Kejajar, Wonosobo, Central Java. It is around 7°12'06.8"S 109°55'10.1"E gps coordinates.

Mount Prau Maps

Hikers begin to hike Mount Prau from Kalilembu hiking-basecamp. Here, hikers have to check preparation luggages such as foods, waters, clothes, tools and medicines. After that, tourist purchase entry tickets as much of Rp 10.000 per person.

Hiking by following Kalilembu track to the summit of Mount Prau, hikers will pass three stop & rest points and it needs around three hours and a half to get to the summit of Mount Prau. Moreover, hikers can enjoy landscapes of Telaga Warna Lake, houses of the natives, farm fields and fresh air along the track which plentiful vegetated by pine trees and spruce trees.

Stepping in the summit of Mount Prau, hikers have to establish camps and can also stare magnificent summits of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. Hikers can enjoy view of sunset in the afternoon, view of shining stars in the evening and view of sunrise in the morning. Moreover, hikers can also enjoy Teletubis Hill which plentiful vegetated by colorful daisy flowers. It does not wonder that hikers take pictures of every moment along the hike.

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