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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kawah Putih Crater Lake in Ciwidey Bandung

Kawah Putih Bandung

Bandung, a city which becomes to be capital-city of west java, Indonesia has paradise in its south region. 'Kawah putih' is the name of it. Kawah putih is a lake which was created after the eruption of ancient volcano, mount Patuha in 10th century.

The lake of kawah putih at first time was discovered by german-dutch botanist and geologist who name is Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn in 1837. Eventually, lake of kawah putih was opened in 1987 for domestic tourists as well foreign tourists.

Kawah putih (also known as White crater)

it is located at Jl. Soreang-Ciwidey KM 25, Ciwidey, South Bandung. It is around 50 kilometers from central of Bandung and around 7°08'33.1"S 107°23'52.9"E gps coordinates.

Tourists can use public transportations, motorcycles and cars to go to Kawah putih.

Kawah Putih Maps

After arriving at Kawah putih, tourists can park vehicles at bottom parking lot or top parking lot. If prefer to park at bottom parking lot, tourists can purchase entrance fee which is included payment of 'ontang-anting' minibus which is used by tourists to go through mountain road to lake of kawah putih. While going through mountain road, fresh air and rows of green trees are felt relaxing.

'Beautiful and fascinating'. Those are first impression for seeing Kawah putih lake. Since its water has whitish green colors due to sulfur elements, its sands is white and rows of cantigi trees which grow around lake, it does not wonder that Kawah putih becomes favorite tourist destination in Bandung city.

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