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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pixelbook 12.3 inch Touch Screen | Specs and Price

Google Pixelbook
Pixelbook is new laptop that recently launched by Google. Pixelbook has silver color that causes it looked elegant. Pixelbook has slim dimension, it has 0.4 inch thickness and 1.1 kilogram weight. Pixelbook can also be used like tablet device since the body can be flipped until 360 angle. For watching movies on netflix or practising cooking recipes on youtube, flip it to be stand up.

Pixelbook has 12.3 inch quad HD touch screen which also supported with pixelbook pen (offered for $99). Pixelbook is provided with chrome operating system and many inbuilt applications such as google assistant, google photos and lightroom apps which are beneficial for daily activities.

Pixelbook can be used up to 10 hours in fully charged battery and can be used up to 2 hours for 15 minutes charging time. Pixelbook has USB-C port for charging, just like pixel phone has.

Pixelbook is featured with Intel Core i5, i7 processor and RAM 8GB, 16GB memory which can handle any game played smoothly in laptop. It is also featured with SSD 128GB, 256GB and SSD NVMe 512GB internal storage so that user can download many files stored in laptop.

Google starts sale price of pixelbook from $999 which is not included pixelbook pen and warranty.
Google Pixelbook Pen
Specification Prices
Pixelbook Intel Core i5, RAM 8GB & SSD 128GB $999,00
Intel Core i5, RAM 8GB & SSD 256GB $1.199,00
Intel Core i7, RAM 16GB & SSD NVMe 512GB $1.649,00
Pixelbook Pen (optional) $99,00
Warranty (optional) $249,00


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