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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Raja Ampat a Paradise for Manta Ray | Manta Point

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, Indonesia which comprises hundreds of islands. Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta are four main islands. People know it as the best tourist destination in the world. Raja Ampat has stunning dive destination for all divers from around the world. Yes, You can feel the best dive experience. Actually, Raja Ampat has many tourist attractions which can be adventured by travelers. Manta Sandy is one of exciting places.

Raja Ampat Arborek Island
Arborek Island

Manta Sandy is located in Raja Ampat

The nearest island which can be stayed by travelers is 'Arborek Island'. Travelers can reach into the island from Waisai, a city which is located in Waigeo Island. Arborek Island is very beautiful small-island with friendly local people and it is all white-sand land on the ocean.

Travelers can stare enchanting sunrise and sunset from the island and enjoy a very clear water of the beach. Also, freedive together with schooling fish which inhabit the water below island's jetty. Amazing...

Manta Sandy Manta Ray
Manta Ray

Near Arborek island, there is a point which is known as 'Manta Sandy'. Well, divers know it as the best point on the world to dive together with Manta Ray. Here, in Manta Sandy, Mantas obtain a happiness. There is an innumerable planktons which populate the water of Raja Ampat islands. What makes Manta Sandy special is divers can dance together in the ocean with two kinds of Manta Ray, Oceanic Manta and Reef Manta.

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